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Busy Times for Appraisers

October 6th, 2015

Appraiser Health & Well Being

In recent issues of (Appraiser Lawsuits Continue, 9/22/15; Suing the Appraiser, 9/8/15; The Darker Side of Being an Appraiser, 8/11/15 and Appraiser “Sitting Disease”, 7/28/15) we discussed some of today’s challenges facing appraisers.

While this issue was under production, we became aware of how swamped many appraisers were right now.  Undoubtedly this is partly due to the season as well as the fact that our readership is talented and getting the recognition that they deserve!

Whatever the reasons (which we will further explore in future newsletters), we want to remind appraisers not to charge blindly ahead without being cognizant of the dangers lurking out there.  Take a deep breath.  Limit multi-tasking.  Repeat: limit multi-tasking.  Fire your worst accounts.  Exercise.  Don’t sit for hours without a break.  Repeat: Don’t sit for hours without a break.

We’ll try to assist by keeping this newsletter brief.

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AnchorRecent Real Estate Reports

Earlier today, CoreLogic released their U.S. Home Price Index (HPI) for August which showed a 6.9% year over year gain in home prices nationally, including distress sales.  CoreLogic is now projecting that home prices will increase nationally by 4.3% in the 12 month period beginning September 2015.  In their news release, CoreLogic’s chief economist Frank Nothaft is quoted as saying: “Economic forecasts generally project higher mortgage rates and more single-family housing starts for 2016.  These forces should dampen demand and augment supply, leading to a moderation in home price growth”.

Also today, Coldwell Banker Previews International Luxury Market Report indicated that the surging U.S. real estate market at the higher end shows no sign of slowing down.  Sales of homes over $1 million were up by 21% in the past year; sales of homes over $5 million were up 54%; and sales of homes over $10 million were up 43%.  New York City was the runaway leader in sales over $10 million with the next five cities being Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Aspen and Miami Beach.  In a survey of those with a net worth greater than $500 million, 54% plan to invest in real estate, up from 48% last year.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a recent study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard and Enterprise Community Partners warns that the housing rental crisis in the U.S. will broaden with projections that over 13 million households will be paying more than 50% of their income on rent, up from 11.8 million now.  Their study “Projecting Trends in Severely Cost-Burdened Renters: 2015-2025” notes that the largest increases will be seen by older adults, Hispanics and single person households.

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AppraiserNews is a FREE publication, supported by advertising and sales of products designed to help appraisers support and grow their businesses. Please consider supporting us today by seeing what we and our sponsors have to offer.

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Anchor“9 Deep Quotes for People Who Think Too Much”

Thanks to for providing us with some interesting breaks from appraisal business.  Here is their first “deep” quote:

“What if when you die they ask: ‘How Was Heaven?’”

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AnchorRates & Dates

Freddie Mac, the Mortgage Brokers Association (MBA) and HSH Market Trends reported falling mortgage interest rates last week.

In their survey on October 1st, Freddie Mac reported that 30-year fixed-rate mortgages declined to 3.85% from 3.86%. They also noted that last year at this time the 30-year rate was 4.19%.

Freddie Mac’s chief economist, Sean Becketti, noted that:

“In contrast to the volatility in equity markets, the 10-year Treasury rate — a key driver of mortgage rates — varied just a little more than 10 basis points over the last week. As a result, the 30-year mortgage rate remained virtually unchanged, dropping 1 basis point to 3.85 percent. This marks the tenth consecutive week of a sub-4-percent mortgage rate. Despite persistently low mortgage rates, the pending home sales index dropped 1.4 percent in August, suggesting possible tempering in existing home sales in September.”

The MBA reported on September 30th (for the week ending September 25th) that 30-year rates with conforming loan balances ($417,500 or less) declined from 4.09% to 4.08%.  The average contract interest rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with jumbo loan balances (greater than $417,500) fell to 3.96% from 3.99% while rates for FHA backed mortgages also moved downward, from 3.88% to 3.87%.

Mortgage applications fell 6.7% from the previous week with the share of refinance applications as a percentage of all applications dropping from 58.4% to 58.0%.  The FHA share of applications increased to 13.8% from 12.9% and the VA share rose to 10.3% from 10.0%.

On October 2nd, Market Trends reported that 30-year mortgage rates dropped to 3.92% from 3.95% the previous week while rates for FHA-backed mortgages also fell, from 3.79% to 3.74%.

Additional information from Freddie Mac can be found by going to: Primary Mortgage Market Survey PMMS – Freddie Mac

Additional information from the Mortgage Bankers Association can be found by going to their site at: Research and Forecasts – Mortgage Bankers Association

Additional information from HSH can be found by going to: HSH.Com

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AnchorAsk Angie

Angie would like to congratulate the winner of her last contest: Indiana appraiser Debbie Cottingham.  Debbie covers the central Indiana counties of Marion, Hamilton, Johnson and Hendricks.  She was the first to answer correctly that Mark Twain was the author of the quote “I can’t do literary work for the rest of this year because I’m meditating another lawsuit and looking around for a defendant”; Voltaire wrote “I was never ruined but twice-once when I lost a lawsuit, once when I won one”; and Robert Frost quipped “A successful lawsuit is one worn by a policeman”.

Today’s Questions:

1. Who said: “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical”.
a) Yogi Berra
b) Yogi Bear
c) Alex Rodriguez
d) None of the above

2. Who said: “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore”.
a) Yogi Berra
b) Brian Coester
c) Donald Trump
d) None of the above

3. Who said: “The future ain’t what it used to be”.
a) Yogi Berra
b) Hillary Clinton
c) Sarah Palin
d) None of the above

The first person to respond with the correct answers wins a choice of one of the following:

One Free Regular Listing on

A Free Copy of the 2015 Directory of Appraisal Management Companies (Available to Members of and FREE!)

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We invite your responses to any of the issues raised in this newsletter. Please e-mail us at: with your thoughts!

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AnchorWe really hope you find our newsletter to be informative!  If you have any input on future topics for discussion, please email me your questions and I will do my best to address them in the next issue.  If you want to look back at past issues you can see our archive at


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